IFORS 2017  

21st Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies

Sted: Québec City, Canada

Dato: 17-21 Juli, 2017

Informasjon: http://ifors2017.ca/

LOGMS 2017  / NORS track

7th International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems, co-organized with the Norwegian Operations Research Society.

Sted: NHH Norges Handelshøyskole, Bergen, Norge

Dato: 23-26 August, 2017

Informasjon: https://www.nhh.no/en/logms2017

EURO 2018 

29th European Conference on Operational Research

Sted: Valencia, Spania

Dato: 8-11 Juli, 2018

Informasjon: forthcoming

EURO 2019 

30th European Conference on Operational Research

Sted: Dublin, Irland

Dato: 23-26 Juni, 2019

Informasjon: forthcoming