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Nordic courses in stochastic programming

NHH Norwegian School of Economics, in cooperation with NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology and University of Copenhagen invite to a

Nordic PhD course in stochastic programming.

Time: Week 43 (October 24-28, 2022).

Place: NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Bergen, Norway.

Credit: 5 ECTS. Requires physical presence (so no digital alternative) plus an approved essay after the course.

Costs: There are no course fees, but we collect NOK 2000 for five lunches plus one social dinner during the course. Must be paid upon registration. You must organize your own travel and accommodation – there is ample capacity in Bergen in October. It is best with a hotel in the city center.

Registration: Technically speaking, this course is BEA512 at NHH (https://www.nhh.no/en/courses/modeling-decision-problems-under-uncertainty/). You need to do two things to take part.

  1. Go to https://www.nhh.no/en/study-programmes/phd-programme-at-nhh/phd-courses/become-a-visiting-student-at-a-phd-course-at-nhh/ to register for the course in order to be registered as a visiting student. Under “Choose a course”, find the pointer to “Søknadsweb”. There are different ways to register. You will see that at the end there is one that only requires your email.  But use one of the others if they apply to you. The course is BEA512. 
  2. You will also need to register at   https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bea512-modeling-decision-problems-under-uncertainty-tickets-404154074717 for us to plan for room size and food. This is where the NOK 2000 for food will have to be submitted. Under special circumstances, refunds can be made up to October 16. 


  • Professor Stein W. Wallace, Norwegian School of Economics
  • Dr Alan King, IBM Research, Yorktown Heights, NY
  • Associate professor Giovanni Pantuso, University of Copenhagen
  • Professor Stein-Erik Fleten, Norwegian University of Science and Technology

For questions, contact Stein W. Wallace – stein.wallace@nhh.no