DTU CEE Summer School 2018 Modern Optimization in Energy

DTU CEE Summer School brings together academics and industry professionals from around the world, in an intensive 5-day course, where they learn about the latest developments in optimization for energy systems, connect, and exchange ideas. Distinguished speakers from the US and Europe, excelling both in research and teaching, are invited to give 4-hour lectures both providing the fundamentals and introducing advanced topics in their field.

The DTU CEE Summer School 2018 aims to give participants practical experience with the latest developments in optimization for energy systems. Participants of the course will:

  • Gain practical experience with optimization techniques applied to energy systems
  • See relevant examples of these techniques used in cutting-edge research
  • Sharpen their peer review and feedback skills by reviewing other participants’ work

The summer school focuses in particular on optimal power flow, distributionally robust optimization, convex relaxations, data-driven methods, integrated energy systems and consumer-centric electricity markets.  More information about registration and program available here.